Meat mincer Metos TS12 230V1


Product information: SKU4080170
Product name: Meat mincer Metos TS12 230V1~
Dimensions: 370 × 220 × 440 mm
Weight: 19,000 kg
Capacity: Max 200 kg/h
Technical information: 230 V, 10 A, 0,75 kW, 1NPE, 50 Hz

  • Body die cast aluminium
  • Blade diameter 70 mm
  • Hole size 6 mm
  • Motor speed 1400 rpm
  • Over heat protection


Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 370× 220× 440 mm
Capacity Max 200 kg/h
Technical Information 230 V, 10 A, 0,75 kW, 1NPE, 50 Hz


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NameMeat mincer Metos TS12 230V1 removeSlicing machine Metos Red Line 300 removeCombi Cutter METOS CC-32S 230V1 removeMetos iCombi Classic / table models GN2/1 remove
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DescriptionProduct information: SKU4080170 Product name: Meat mincer Metos TS12 230V1~ Dimensions: 370 × 220 × 440 mm Weight: 19,000 kg Capacity: Max 200 kg/h Technical information: 230 V, 10 A, 0,75 kW, 1NPE, 50 HzProduct information: SKU4080304 Product name: Slicing machine Metos Red Line 300 Dimensions: 475 × 635 × 480 mm Weight: 27,000 kg Capacity: 0-12 mm slices Technical information: 230 V, 0,31 kW, , 50 Hz"Product information: SKU4221700 Product name: Combi cutter Metos CC-32S 230V1~ Dimensions: 285 × 350 × 465 mm Weight: 7,600 kg Technical information: 230 V, 10 A, 1 kW, 1NPE, 50/60 HzProduct information: SKU4352162 Product name: Combi steamer Metos iCombi Classic 6-2/1 Dimensions: 1072 × 975/1042 × 754/804 mm Weight: 93,000 kg Capacity: 12 x GN1/1 Technical information: 400 V, 32 A, 22,4 kW, 3NPE, 50/60 Hz CW: 3/4 Drain: 50 mm
  • Body die cast aluminium
  • Blade diameter 70 mm
  • Hole size 6 mm
  • Motor speed 1400 rpm
  • Over heat protection
Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 370× 220× 440 mm
Capacity Max 200 kg/h
Technical Information 230 V, 10 A, 0,75 kW, 1NPE, 50 Hz
Metos Red Line 300 is an easy-to-use and compact slicing machine that offers an affordable alternative for the needs of a restaurant or a small specialty store. Its sturdy aluminum frame is shaped so that it does not have sharp corners that collect dirt and interfere with cleaning. Thanks to the open design and quick-release parts, the device is really easy and quick to clean. A precision-cutting chrome-plated steel blade with a sharpening function, a sturdy product holder and a feed button ensure millimeter-accurate cutting results and help minimize product loss. The Red Line range consists of 220, 250 and 300 slicing machines, which differ in terms of cutting capacity and blade tilt angle.
  • Gray aluminum frame
  • Manually pushed, lightly moving carriage
  • Blade Ø300 mm, inclined 38°
  • Start / stop switch with indicator lights
  • Built-in sharpener
  • Easy to use and precise slice thickness adjustment
  • The guide plate, cover plate and table section are easy to remove for cleaning
  • Fixed blade guard protects the user when cleaning the machine
  • The safety switch prevents the machine from starting if the carriage is not attached
Cutting capacity:
  • Rectangular product: 245x230mm, round product: Ø230mm
  • Slice thickness adjustable from 0 to 12 mm
Weight  27 kg
Dimensions 475 × 635 × 480 mm
Capacity 0-12 mm slices
Technical Information 230 V, 0,31 kW, , 50 Hz
Metos Combi Cutter CC-32S Combined Vegetable Preparation machine, process up to 2 kg/minute and vertical Cutter, volume 3 litre. Specification:
  • Combination machine with half-moon feed cylinder and stainless steel bowl, made to process 2kg/minute or 10-80 portions/day.
  • Machine has two speeds wich switch depending on what preparation top is mounted.
  • Machine is controlled with a turning knob insted of buttons.
  • Vegetable preparation top is of 0.9 litre with a tube feeder of 53mm in diameter.
  • Bowl is 3 litre and have a scraper system with three scrapers.
  • Knives for bowl cutter are serrated- The machine base and the knife chamber are made of ABS-plastic.
  • Machine is controlled with a turning knob insted of buttons.
  • Cutting tools are made of stainless steel, 185mm in diameter and washable in dishwasher.
  • Motor rotate the cutting blade clockwise via a self-tensioned toothed belt. Machine has handles for easy mobility.
Function: Machine for slicing, shredding, grating and cutting julienne as well as grinding, chopping, blending and mixing. Processes fruit, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, meat, fish, etc. Capacity: Up to 80 portions/day and up to 2/kgminute. 0,9 litre feed cylinder, 53mm tube feeder for elongated products. Bowl: 3 litre. Material: Machine base and knives chamber: ABS-plastic. Feeder top: polycarbonate and polyamide. Cutting tools: stainless steel. Ejector plate: acetal. Bowl: stainless steel. Knife unit: acetal.    
Lid and Scraper system: Xylex
Motor 1.0 kW
Two speeds (500rpm, 1450 rpm) 220-240 V, single phase, 50-60 Hz
Transmission Toothed belt and thermal protection
Power supply Earthed, single phase, 10A. Fuse: 10 A delayed action fuse
Standards EN 1678+A1:2010. NSF/ANSI Standard 8
Safety 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2006/42/EG, 2011/65/EU, no 10/2011 CE approved. Two safety switches, machine safety: IP34
Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 285 × 350 × 465 mm
Technical Information 230 V, 10 A, 1 kW, 1NPE, 50/60 Hz
Description Capacity 6 GN containers lengthwise, guide rail distance 68mm. Metos iCombi Classic is an easy-to-use, ergonomic and safe combination oven for efficient food production in a professional kitchen. The user experience is topped by the oven cleaning, which is done by selecting the most fitting out of 4 automatic washing programs. The Metos iCombi Classic has in addition to the three cooking functions, the combined oven has finishing, programming and cooling functions. In the steam boiling, the steam generator produces hygienic and fresh steam in the chamber. The constant temperature of the chamber and saturated vapor guarantee a very gentle brewing and thus the best cooking result. The colors of the food remain delicious while preserving the nutrients and vitamins. Steam cooking is excellent for cooking vegetables. Even delicate foods like crème caramel, pies or fish can be Metos Professional Kitchensen.metos.com1/4 Ahjonkaarre 04220 Keravacooked with little effort - even in large quantities. Steam heating temperatures range from +30°C...+130°C. In circulating air condensation, hot air rotates at high speed, evenly distributed throughout the entire chamber. The meat surface immediately closes, maintaining juice inside the meat. Continuous, even 300 degrees hot air is not just a technical detail, but it is also available at full load. This is the only way to guarantee browned French fries, to cook frozen raw materials such as croquettes, spring rolls and chicken wings or soft bakery products. Steam heating temperatures range from +30°C...+130°C. The combustion combines the benefits of hot air and steam. Hot steam offers a shorter cooking time with less food loss and succulence, hot air giving a strong aroma, delicious color and crispy crust. This avoids up to 50% of normal cooking losses as well as from turning food and saves cooking time. Combination heating temperatures range from +30°C...+300°C. Description and properties: 1. ClimaPlus is an active moisture controller, which continuously measures and adjusts the moisture, like it gets rid of the extra humidity. This feature affects the ovens capacity, the quality of the food and the use of electricity. Humidity can be adjusted in 10% steps and the precise value can be read from the display. 2. Dynamic air turbulence. Thanks to the both way blowing fan the chamber has extraordinarily great airflow. The chamber has 5 manually programmable fan wheel speeds. Optimal use of electricity guarantees consistent cooking and shorter cooking times. 3. High-performance steam generator produces steady temperature clean steam, even when cooking in under 100 degrees. 4. The technical space has an integrated maintenance-free replacement air filter, which works without a separate replaceable filter. Cooling function. The cooking chamber can be cooled quickly with efficient airflow. 5. The inside temperature of the product being cooked is possible with a separate thermometer. 6. The installation handle for soft product thermometer is an accessory. 7. Delta- T cooking function is ideal for very delicate cooking. Delta- T cooking weight loss is minimal. 8. Digital temperature display adjustable in Celsius or Fahrenheit, display of target and actual values. 9. Digital display of the cooking chamber humidity and time, display of target and actual values. 10. The combination oven has 100 cooking program spots up to 12-step programs. 11. Named programs can be chosen from the display. 12. Temperature, cooking time and humidity are adjustable while in use. 13. Programs are easy to move with an USB flash drive from one oven to another. 14. Integrated hand shower with automatic return and single jet function. 15. Energy-saving, long life LED lighting in the cooking chamber with high color rendering for quick detection of the current state of food. Occupational and operational safety: 1. Electronic safety temperature limiter for steam generator and convection heating. 2. Integrated fan wheel brake. Use of Active Green cleaner tabs and care tabs for optimal work safety. 3. HACCP data storage and output via USB. Tested according to national and international standards for unsupervised operation. 4. Maximum rack height not higher than 1.6m when using a RATIONAL base frame. Networking: 1. Integrated, splash protected USB port for data exchange. Optional integrated splash protected Ethernet port. 2. Optional integrated WLAN connection ( includes an Ethernet port) Cleaning and care: 1. Automatic cleaning and care system is non dependent of Non-mains pressure. 2. Care system cleans and takes care of the steam generator. 3. Metos iCombi Classic ovens use iCare treatment tablets. 4. When selecting the washing program, the oven display shows the required number of treatment tablets. 5. When used regularly, iCare tablets also descale the steam generator during washing, and no separate descaling is required. 4 cleaning programs for unsupervised cleaning, even overnight. Simple control panel which shows the right cleaning routine, the right amount of cleaning tabs according to dirtiness and the time left on the program. 6. Use of phosphate and phosphorous free Active Green Cleaning tabs and Care tabs. 7. Automatic safety routine after a power failure ensures a detergent-free cooking chamber even after the cleaning has been cancelled. Hygienic, floor level installation without feet for easy, safe cleaning. 2 pane oven door with rear ventilation and swivelling glass panes for easy cleaning. 8. Material inside and outside stainless steel DIN 14301, seamless hygienic cooking chamber with rounded corners and optimized air flow. 8. Easy and safe external cleaning due to glass and stainless steel surfaces as well as protection against water jets from all directions due to protection class IPX5. Operation: 1. 4,3" TFT-color display and capacitive touchscreen with self-explanatory symbols for simple, intuitive operation and control using sweep or swipe movements. 2. Central dial with push function for intuitive selection and confirmation of entries. 3. Acoustic prompt and visual display when user intervention is required. 4. Separate hoods for the oven (UltraVent, Ultravent Plus) are accessories. Installation, maintenance and enviroment: 5. Professional installation by certified Metos technicians. 6. Fixed waste water connection conforming to SVGW requirements is permitted. 7. Customisation to the installation location (height above sea level) with automatic calibration. 8. Operation without water softeners and without additional manual descaling is possible. 9. Table models can be mounted on walls with special fasteners, more information in the installation manual. 2 10. pane oven door ensures minimal heat loss. 11. Maintenance information and errors are presented on the screen. 12. Regular maintenance is recommended. 13. The repairs sugested by the manufacturer are available in Metos- logistics. 14. All 6-1 and 10-1 models are stackable. Accessories: 1. Cooking containers and grill 2. Customisable guide rails 3. Movable guide rails and cart 4. Stands and stands with cabinets 5. Banquet installation kit 6. Oven carts and guide rails for baking 7. Cleaning- and care tablets 8. UltraVent® and UltraVent® Plus 9. Grease receiver 9. Wall mount kit 10. Catering kit -handles and platform with wheels for easy moving  
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